Changing limits

This section explains how to use rake tasks to change several limits for users.

Change user import limits

Using the rake task set_custom_limits_for_user, you can change import limits for a given user. The parameters this task takes are:

  • user_name is the user name of the user for whom these limits will be changed.
  • import_file_size is the maximum size in bytes for a file to be imported.
  • table_row_count is the maximum number of rows for a file to be imported.
  • concurrent_imports is the maximum number of concurrent imports that can be handled at once.

This task is executed like:

$ bundle exec rake cartodb:set_custom_limits_for_user[<user_name>,<import_file_size>,<table_row_count>,<concurrent_imports>]

and an example execution could be:

$ bundle exec rake cartodb:set_custom_limits_for_user["manolo","1048576","50000","5"]

Increasing Twitter imports limit

Increasing the Twitter imports limit should done using rake task increase_limits_for_twitter_import_users. This rake task takes no parameters. Upon execution, all users with Twitter imports enabled will have 1500MB of file size quota and a 5M row quota limit.