Creating organizations

To create a new organization, a rake task called create_new_organization_with_owner is used. For this task to work properly, a user created beforehand must be provided as an owner (if you’re not sure how to create a user, refer to “Creating Users”).

In order to create the organization, 4 parameters must be set:

  • ORGANIZATION_NAME is a short nickname for the organization, that may only contain letters, numbers and dash (-) characters. For example, ‘cartodb’ would be OK.
  • ORGANIZATION_DISPLAY_NAME is a longer, more beautiful name for the organization. It may contain any characters needed. For example, ‘CartoDB Inc.’.
  • ORGANIZATION_SEATS is the number of users that will be able to be created under the organization. For example, 5 seats will mean that a maximum of 5 users can belong to the organization.
  • ORGANIZATION_QUOTA is the space quota in bytes that the organization is assigned. For example, 1024 * 1024 * 1024 is 1GB of quota.
  • USERNAME is the user name of the owner of the organization. In our example, let’s assume that our user name is ‘manolo’.

This task is executed like:

$ bundle exec rake cartodb:db:create_new_organization_with_owner ORGANIZATION_NAME="<org_name>" ORGANIZATION_DISPLAY_NAME="<org_display_name>" ORGANIZATION_SEATS="<org_seats>" ORGANIZATION_QUOTA="<org_quota>" USERNAME="<username>"

and an example execution for creating an organization owned by ‘manolo’, named ‘CartoDB Inc.’, referred to as ‘cartodb’, with 5 seats and a 1GB quota, would be:

$ bundle exec rake cartodb:db:create_new_organization_with_owner ORGANIZATION_NAME="cartodb" ORGANIZATION_DISPLAY_NAME="CartoDB Inc." ORGANIZATION_SEATS="5" ORGANIZATION_QUOTA="1073741824" USERNAME="manolo"


You can change the viewer seats:

$ bundle exec rake cartodb:db:set_organization_viewer_seats["<org_name>","<viewer_seats>"]