Running CartoDB

First run, setting up an user

First run, setting up first time to run your development version of CartoDB. Let’s suppose that we are going to create a development env and that our user/subdomain is going to be ‘development’

cd cartodb
export SUBDOMAIN=development

# Add entries to /etc/hosts needed in development
echo " ${SUBDOMAIN}.localhost.lan" | sudo tee -a /etc/hosts

# Create a development user
sh script/create_dev_user

Running all the processes

Start the resque daemon (needed for import jobs):

bundle exec script/resque

Finally, start the CartoDB development server on port 3000:

bundle exec thin start --threaded -p 3000 --threadpool-size 5

Node apps

cd cartodb-sql-api && node app.js
cd windshaft-cartodb && node app.js

You should now be able to access `http://<mysubdomain>.localhost.lan:3000` in your browser and login with the password specified above.